Which AC System Is Best for Me?

August 17, 2021
AC Systems in Jackson, MO

When the temperatures rise, you want to be able to rely on an AC system to keep you cool and comfortable. If your home doesn’t currently have an air conditioner or you’re thinking about switching things up, you might be wondering which one would be best given your situation. Below, Obermanns located in Jackson, provides you with some important information as you decide which option would be the smartest choice.

Types of Air Conditioners

For people who only need to cool one room or a few rooms at a time, an affordable choice would be to go with a window unit. These can be effective and are relatively easy to install.

However, if you’re interested in getting something more permanent and/or powerful for your home, you should consider other options. A ductless/mini-split system and a central AC unit can both improve your home value and can do an excellent job of making your home more comfortable. Typically, these require professional installation.

A ductless/mini-split is ideal for an older home that doesn’t have ductwork or a house that doesn’t have much square footage. The unit can be placed in a variety of locations, and like a central AC unit, it does need to be paired with a condenser. Central AC units require ductwork, and they can provide you with more cooling power. It can be really convenient to have either one of these systems.

Your Local Resource

If you have any questions about an AC installation for your Jackson home, Obermanns is here to help. We’ve been in the industry for more than four decades. We know what it takes to get the job done the right way, and we’re always professional and efficient in how we handle our projects. We are a Lennox premier dealer and work with all makes and models. You’ll appreciate our honest and upfront pricing structure. In addition to performing AC installations, we maintain and repair air conditioning units. We also install, repair, and maintain heating appliances and can assist you with plumbing concerns. Contact Obermanns for more information.

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