Steps on How to Clean Your Window AC Unit

May 19, 2022
Window AC in Jackson, MO

Cleaning your AC improves the indoor air quality and reduces allergens in your home. It is essential to keep your AC unit clean to run effectively and last as long as possible. Dirty units use a higher level of electricity than necessary, which can be expensive for you over time. The following are tips on how to clean your window AC unit.

Open the AC Unit

Unplug the power cord from both outlets and disconnect any electrical wires. Remove any grills in front of or on top of the unit. Label any wires you remove to put them back in their proper places. We highly recommend that you consult an AC unit expert on how to go about this if you are unsure.

Clean the Unit

Get rid of anything that should not be there. Start by vacuuming out the inside. Blow out any dust or debris with compressed air. Use a damp cloth to wipe the walls, filters, and vents. If it has a removable filter, take it out. Wash it by hand using warm water and soap.

Dry the Unit

Once everything inside is as clean as possible, put the filter back in place. Turn the unit on. Check to make sure everything works again. If your unit has an electronic circuit board that sits behind the filter, use an air-dryer on low heat so you do not damage it.

As dirt accumulates on an AC unit and the seasons keep changing, sometimes it can be hard to stay nice and warm. Excessive heat and cold temperatures can significantly drain productivity, impacting your home environment and workplace. With Obermanns in Jackson and Southeast Missouri, you have a team of experts dedicated to keeping your family comfortable all year round. We pride ourselves on supplying top-top notch heating, cooling, and plumbing services designed to meet your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and products.

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