Obermanns is the name to know when you want a smart thermostat in Cape Girardeau, MO. Smart thermostats offer an inexpensive upgrade to your home’s HVAC systems. They give you far more flexibility in how you manage your home’s comfort.

    They can also cut your energy bills considerably without requiring any sacrifice in comfort. A smart home thermostat can also integrate with your home’s other smart devices. And best of all, our expert HVAC technicians can handle the installation of smart thermostats for you.

    Cape Girardeau Smart Thermostat Specialists

    A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi-connected device that brings your home’s HVAC system into the 21st century. In doing so, they offer a variety of advantages over their older counterparts.

    For one thing, smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s HVAC system from your smartphone. That includes modifying your HVAC scheduling and changing your home’s temperature. However, smart thermostats provide far more functionality than that. Most also include the latest machine learning technology to help optimize your HVAC system’s usage.

    They monitor and analyze your comfort patterns and can make efficiency adjustments to cut energy use. As a result, even a basic smart thermostat can help you save around 8% on your heating and cooling bills. More advanced models can save you up to 26%!

    There are a variety of benefits you’d gain from installing a smart home thermostat.
    • Integration with smart home devices
    • Geofencing capabilities
    • Reduced HVAC wear and tear
    • Weather data integration
    • Intuitive user interface

    Smart thermostats can also be a perfect solution for uneven heating and cooling in your home. Some models allow for the use of remote temperature sensors that expand their reach.

    You can use those remote sensors to prioritize different parts of your home at different times. For example, you could instruct your HVAC system to rely on a sensor in your bedroom at night. That would allow the system to ensure your comfort while you sleep while assigning lower priority to the unused parts of your home.

    Smart Home Thermostat Experts

    Obermanns is the leader in smart home thermostat solutions in Cape Girardeau. We’ve served local homeowners since 1982 and have a well-earned reputation for offering high-quality services. Our services include selling and installing the latest in smart thermostats.

    Our highly trained Cape Girardeau HVAC technicians can help you choose the right model for your home’s needs. Then, they can integrate it into your HVAC system and help you learn to make the most of its features. To find out what it’s like to work with them, check out our numerous five-star reviews from local homeowners.

    When you want our team to install a new smart thermostat in your Cape Girardeau home, call Obermanns today!