How Pet Dander Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality

January 19, 2023
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A pet can be a great companion for you and your household. There is nothing like having a loving pet to spend time in your home! However, a pet will bring in items from the outside, and they have dander that can impact your indoor air quality.

Pet Dander

Pet dander consists of tiny flakes of skin that many animals shed. Along with common allergies to a pet’s hair or feathers, dander can be a big problem for many people, and more people have issues with cat dander than dog dander. Dander is so small that it stays in the air for a long time. It can also attach itself to furnishings, curtains, and bedding.

The Impact of Pets on Indoor Air Quality

Pet dander as well as other allergens can get into the air in your home. These allergens go through an HVAC system along with other pollutants you breathe in daily. Having pet hair collected in your HVAC system and air filters gives you low-quality indoor air. With these particles, the system has to work harder, and it may spread the dander around your home even more. You can also have clogged filters because of pet hair.

What Can You Do About the Dander?

There are several things you can do about low indoor air quality caused by pet dander. Consider calling our team for information about an air purifier. An air purifier can help your HVAC system be more efficient and will help eliminate dander and other pollutants in your home so it is more comfortable. You can also vacuum and wash your pets more often to have less dander in your home.

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