How Can I Safely Re-Light My Furnace?

September 20, 2021
Relighting Furnace in Jackson, MO
Updated On: 10/27/23

If your heat is out, one of the first things you should do is to check your furnace. Check to see if the pilot light is still burning. If it has gone out, you can follow some simple steps to re-light it.

Get Ready to Work

Find the control knob that has three positions: On, Off, and Pilot. This knob controls the flow of gas. It’s usually found toward the bottom of the furnace. While you’re looking around, you’ll need to find the Reset button. This should be in close proximity to the control knob. The last step of preparation is to find a lighter or a long match.

1. Turn the Knob to the Off Position

Turn the control knob so that it’s pointing to the Off position. Don’t do anything else at this point. Wait at least a few minutes so that any gas in the chamber can dissipate. If you want to be extra careful, set a timer for five minutes.

2. Turn the Knob to the Pilot Position and Press the Reset Button

Then, turn the knob so it’s in the Pilot position. Press and hold down the Reset button. Light a match or ignite your lighter, and hold that flame near the pilot light opening. The pilot light should ignite.

3. Let Go of the Reset Button and Turn the Knob to the On Position.

Once the flame is lit and going strong, release pressure from the Rest button. Then, turn the control knob to the On position. This should be all that’s necessary to re-light a pilot light. Of course, if anything isn’t working properly, it’d be a smart idea to reach out for assistance.

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