Getting Your HVAC Unit Ready for Spring

March 15, 2022
Spring in Jackson, MO

Spring signals the approach of those hot summer days in Jackson, Missouri. This means that it is time to prepare your home’s HVAC unit for the heat that will soon arrive. As the temperature rises, you want to know that your cooling system is going to keep you comfortable all summer long.

Remove All Exterior Covers

You probably covered your outdoor AC condenser last fall in preparation for winter weather, which is a good call. Spring is the time to remove that cover, however. As you do this, inspect the condenser for any damage or debris that will need to be removed from the area.

Change the HVAC Filters

You should be changing your filters every one to three months throughout the year. Spring is the perfect time to do this. These filters become clogged with dust and debris during the heating season. Make sure you use the right size and type of filter. We can help if you are unsure of which filters to use.

Clean Your Vents and Registers

Vents and registers also get quite dirty during the winter months since the heating system is frequently running. Make cleaning the vents a part of your home’s spring cleaning routine. Simply vacuum the vents and registers to remove all pet hair, dirt, and dander.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

You should be having your HVAC system checked routinely. Spring is a wonderful time to call us and schedule your annual maintenance visit. We will check the entire system, including the wiring, electrical connections, and refrigerant levels. This allows us to spot any issues, diagnose problems, and do all necessary repairs. This ensures that you’re ready for summer’s heat.

Obermanns is here to help you get your HVAC unit ready for the cooling season. We can assist you in all of your spring preparations. In addition to helping with your HVAC needs, we are a company specializing in plumbing services, home generators, and water heaters in the Jackson area. You can count on our courteous, professional, and efficient services. Contact Obermanns today for more information.

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