Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

May 5, 2021
High Humidity in Jackson, Missouri

As the warmer seasons approach, you may notice your home feels a bit clammy and moist. Humidity coming from both the outside and the inside of your home will affect your AC to some degree. Keeping humidity in mind can help you control the climate in your home and the money leaving your pockets.

How Humidity Affect’s AC

When humidity is too high, it can lead to a shorter lifespan for your air conditioning system. Your AC must first remove humidity from the air and replace it with cool air. This process means that high levels of moisture can cause the machinery to work harder for longer, damaging it over time.

In some cases, your AC may not be efficient enough to cool an extremely humid room completely. If you notice your windows fogging up or moisture building up in places it shouldn’t, then this is likely the case.

Causes of High Humidity

There are a few likely culprits when it comes to the source of humidity in your home. The first is that you have humid air circulating in from the outside. On very humid days, be sure to close any openings to the outside. Also, your ceiling fans may circulate humidity throughout the room, undoing your air conditioner’s work.

The size and speed of your system also play a big part in humidity control. Your system may simply spend too little time running to eliminate the moisture in the air effectively. If your system is too large or is lacking in speed levels that it can reach, then a short run time is likely the case.

Lastly, there is always the possibility that you have an outdated or underequipped system to deal with the task at hand. The Jackson, Missouri, humidity can sometimes require a high-quality machine to beat the heat. If your air conditioning doesn’t have a properly designed ventilation system, it could result in negative air pressure, and all of that outside air will be vented inside.

Obermanns is happy to aid you in resolving these and other problems. In addition to repairs, maintenance, and installation for your heating and cooling needs, we also provide indoor air quality and plumbing services. Call Obermanns to talk to an expert about your home necessities.

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