5 Reasons Your Water Pressure Is Low

October 18, 2023
Water pressure in Jackson, MO

You use water every day in your Jackson home, so you want adequate pressure to take care of tasks like bathing and cleaning. If you notice a reduction in your home’s water pressure, call a plumber right away. They can quickly figure out the problem and let you know what they need to do to fix it.

1. Pipe Corrosion

If the pipes in your home are older, corrosion is a possibility, especially if your pipes are galvanized steel. A plumber will inspect your pipes and let you know which ones you need to replace.

2. Leaking Pipes

If the pipes that supply water to your home are leaking, you will notice reduced water pressure. Your plumber will inspect your pipes and determine the extent of the leak to see if you need repair or replacement.

3. Faulty Pressure Regulator

This unit controls the water pressure going into your home, so if it is faulty, there is a decrease in water pressure. A plumber will usually need to replace this part to restore your normal water pressure.

4. Clogged Pipes

Pipe clogs can be caused by the accumulation of rust, debris, sediment, and minerals over time. Since a clog narrows your pipes, it disrupts your water pressure. Your plumber will determine if they can clear the clog or if they need to replace the clogged section of the pipe.

5. Partially Closed Valves

If the individual shut-off valves or main water valve are not fully open, this will disrupt your water pressure. A plumber will look at all of the valves and fully open them if this is the issue.

Experienced Plumbers in Jackson

If you notice the water pressure in your Jackson home is not as strong as usual, do not hesitate to contact a plumber to diagnose and fix it. Our experienced plumbers can also help with your other plumbing needs, such as repairing your drains or replacing your water heater. We are here when your home needs cooling and heating help too. Call Obermanns today for help with your Jackson home’s water pressure issues.

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