4 Common Hot Water Heater Issues in Missouri

September 15, 2022
Water Heater in Jackson, MO

You expect your hot water heater to give you hot water. However, there often comes a time when it may not be up to par. Here are some common issues you may experience with your hot water heater.

1. Odd Noises

If you hear a ticking noise, it may occur because of a water pressure change. It could also be an issue with the heat traps. A heat trap causing the noise isn’t commonly a serious issue, but you can get them replaced with a quieter one.

A banging or popping noise could indicate sediment buildup or loose components. This is often called a water hammer. Loud banging is a sound that shouldn’t be ignored because it could be a precursor to a serious issue.

2. Leaks

Leaks don’t always mean the hot water heater needs replacing, but it does need repair to prevent damage. It could be caused by something as simple as a faulty pressure relief valve, damaged gaskets, loose connections, or a worn drain valve. However, an older water heater may leak from the bottom because of a crack from corrosion or high water pressure. In that case, it will likely need to be replaced.

3. No Power or Hot Water

If an electric water heater isn’t coming on, first check for a blown fuse or a flipped breaker. Then make sure it’s plugged securely into the outlet. If a gas hot water heater isn’t heating, check to ensure the pilot light is lit. If these solutions don’t fix the problem, a damaged heating element could be the culprit.

4. Smells

A rotten egg smell from an electric water heater is usually caused by a faulty anode rod. A burning or plastic smell is commonly caused by dirt or overheated components. In either case, you’ll want to call to have a professional inspect it.

If you have a gas water heater and notice a rotten egg smell, you could have a gas leak. In that case, turn off the water heater and gas supply and call the gas company immediately.

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