3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer

May 12, 2023
AC Maintenance in Jackson, MO

Ensuring your AC unit is ready for summer is essential. If you don’t take some steps, the unit may not work as well once you turn it on when the warm weather starts. Here are some easy tips that you should consider to help ensure your AC unit is ready before summer starts.

1. Schedule an AC Inspection and Tune-up

The most important thing to do is to schedule a yearly AC inspection and tune-up service in the spring before the weather gets hot enough that you need to turn the unit on. Having the unit inspected and serviced is important for preventing potential issues and repairs and ensuring that the unit works efficiently and cools effectively. If you neglect this important maintenance, you could find yourself facing much higher energy costs this summer and potentially needing to pay for expensive repairs.

2. Replace the AC Air Filter

An HVAC technician will always replace the air filter as part of their maintenance service. If you ever need to turn your AC on before you can have it serviced, it is important that you first replace the air filter. The same air filter probably works for both your AC and heating. If you haven’t replaced the air filter recently, it is likely dirty and clogged. A clogged air filter can be a major problem as it will drastically reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning and can quickly cause the system to freeze up.

3. Clear Any Debris and Vegetation From Around the AC Unit

You also want to make sure that there is no debris clogging the outsides of your AC unit and that it has two or three feet of clearance on all sides. This means cleaning up any leaves, sticks and other debris and making sure that no vegetation has grown close to the unit. If the unit is clogged or doesn’t have enough clearance, it won’t have sufficient airflow and may start overheating or experiencing other issues that could cause it to break down soon after you turn it on. It is also important to ensure that there is no debris inside the unit, but this is something that will need to be done by a technician as part of their maintenance service.

At Obermanns, we specialize in HVAC maintenance, and our team can help ensure your AC is ready to go this summer. We repair and service all makes, models and brands of HVAC equipment, and our team can also take care of your HVAC installation, heating or plumbing needs. To schedule an AC tune-up or any other service in the Jackson or Cape Girardeau areas, contact Obermanns today.

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