What Are the Major Parts of an Air Conditioner?

April 5, 2021

Air conditioning systems use their major components to remove heat from the house and cool indoor air. It might be challenging to choose the most crucial element because each component works together to dehumidify and cool indoor air. Also, one faulty component could affect the rest of the air conditioning system. Check out this list of the major AC parts and why they matter.


The compressor works collaboratively with the condenser to transfer heat. The compressor plays an essential role in re-pressurizing the refrigerant gas to convert it into a liquid. After that, the compressor moves the air between the evaporator and condenser. The compressor operates on a motor. Therefore, it is susceptible to problems similar to the motor. Look out for weird sounds from the compressor. The component can also overheat when faulty.


The AC’s thermostat is the sensor that enables you to change temperatures in the house. The air conditioning system continues to cool the air until it attains the desired temperature levels you inputted on the thermostat. The thermostat’s sensor then notifies your AC after achieving the room’s desired temperatures. It’s essential to check on your thermostat regularly for early diagnosis and repairs because it’s a technical part of the AC.

The Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are the component that delivers cool air into your home during hot summers. It uses pressure to change liquid refrigerant into its gaseous state. The AC fans blow warm air from the house over the cooling coils and back into the house. Homeowners should check on the refrigerant levels regularly because too little or too much refrigerant could affect the evaporator.


The component rejects heat from the air conditioner. The condenser acts as the heat exchange where the refrigerant condenses into a liquid. It removes warm air by displacing it outside. The refrigerant then moves to a metering gadget as a high-pressure liquid.

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