Troubleshooting Tips for My Heating System

December 18, 2020

Waking up in the middle of the night to cold, especially during winter, can be frustrating. With a few tips, you can attempt to fix your furnace, at least temporarily. Here are a few common troubleshooting tips to try for your faulty furnace.

1. Assess Your Furnace Filter

With time, your furnace will get dusty, and the air filter may get clogged. If this problem is left unattended, your indoor air quality will worsen. If you find your air filter dirty, replace it with a new one. You will need to turn off your furnace and locate your air filter. As you replace, beware that the arrows must point in the direction of the airflow. If you reverse the placement, you will be impeding the functionality of your furnace.

2. Confirm That Your Thermostat Is On

After installation, you need to assess the thermostat and ensure it is set to ‘heat’ and its temperature is at least 5 degrees above your room temperature. With a soft brush, dust off the areas around the metal coils and contact plates. If yours is battery-powered, check the batteries and replace them as needed.

3. Check Your Furnace Flame

Regularly check your furnace flame to confirm it is blue. A small yellowish tip is also acceptable for a working furnace. If you spot any other flame color such as red, green, purple, or yellow, switch it off, stay away and call an HVAC technician. These unsafe colors imply that the combustion is incomplete, and a poisonous gas (Carbon Monoxide) is emitted.

4. Check Your Heater Switch and Electrical Panel

If your furnace becomes faulty, first confirm that it is getting electricity before looking into other possible areas. Head over to your furnace and locate a switch labeled either “On” or “Auto.” Please switch it on. If the fan starts spinning, then it means it’s getting power. If it doesn’t, then you probably have other furnace problems.

Contact Technicians

While you feel that you can attempt to repair the heater yourself, it’s advisable to contact a professional for safety concerns. [Company_name] is a certified heating contractor with well-trained and licensed technicians. We also offer air conditioning and plumbing services in Jackson, Missouri.

Is your heating system showing signs of faultiness? Contact us today for top-notch services.

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