The R-22 Phase Out: Repair or Replace?

June 8, 2020

If you have an old R-22 air conditioner, the costs of replacing lost refrigerant are going to be high. R-22 is no longer legally allowable for use in new cooling systems. Furthermore, the manufacture and sale of this formerly high-demand product are being phased out. Property owners now face the choice of either retrofitting their older cooling equipment, repairing them as needed, or replacing them entirely.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Retrofitting an Old System

There are few benefits and numerous drawbacks in attempting to retrofit a cooling system to accommodate the R-22 phase out. Foremost among these is the fact that few AC models can be retrofitted in this way. It is additionally important to note that if a cooling system relies on Freon, then it doesn’t represent the latest and most efficient technologies. In reality, it’s probably not efficient at all.

As a dated AC system grows closer to the end of its anticipated lifespan, breakdowns will increase in frequency, and the costs of resolving these issues will become increasingly higher. Although retrofitting a system will spare you the high costs of purchasing what’s left of the limited Freon, it could ultimately cost a fortune in age-related repair bills. For these reasons and many others, it’s far more cost-effective to simply replace an older unit.

Why Replacing Is Always the Best Choice

If the decision to outlaw the manufacture and importation of Freon has taught consumers anything, it’s that Freon-reliant AC systems are outdated. The heating and cooling industry has moved on to cleaner, more efficient ways of providing home comfort. Continuing to use Freon-reliant equipment can be costly in a vast number of ways. Replacing your older AC, however, will boost the value and marketability of your home, provide far more effective cooling for building residents, and cut your energy spending.

Make an Informed Purchasing Decision

With the implementation of the R-22 phase out, the time for replacing Freon-reliant systems is now. Even if your current system isn’t leaking refrigerant, the costs of having it recharged will be exorbitant. For answers to all your questions on R-22 cooling system replacements, contact us at Obermanns today. We offer a wide range of heating and cooling services to the residents of Jackson and the surrounding areas.

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