Installing a smart thermostat is an easy way to reduce the costs of heating and cooling your Scott City, MO home. Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-connected learning devices. They boast many impressive features and capabilities that standard and programmable thermostats lack. From tracking the health of HVAC equipment to compiling detailed energy consumption reports, smart thermostats help consumers cut their carbon footprints and save cash in multiple ways. We offer the latest and most innovative smart home thermostat models. We also install them to manufacturer specifications and teach our clients to leverage all of their available functions.

    Smart Home Thermostat Installation

    According to ENERGY STAR, installing a smart home thermostat could cut your annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 8%. Smart thermostats come with branded mobile apps. Consumers can use these apps to check and adjust temperature settings from any location.

    Much like programmable thermostats, smart thermostats can also hold multiple pre-set temperature changes. This way, you can easily lower or raise your indoor temperature by several degrees before going to bed or leaving for work. As learning devices, smart thermostats have become increasingly adept at adjusting their own settings over time. They can track residents’ movements, activities, and schedules and refine their settings to reflect important changes.

    A smart thermostat can modernize your HVAC system and make your life easier in multiple ways.
    • Issue indoor air quality alerts
    • Provide air filter change reminders
    • Offer dealer service alerts
    • Track changes in energy consumption

    With geo-fencing, smart thermostats can auto-adjust their temperature settings in response to changes in residents’ locations. For instance, if you dash out the door unexpectedly, your thermostat can respond to your sudden departure by raising or lowering its setting.

    In zoned HVAC systems, smart home thermostats that offer geo-fencing can even fine-tune their settings to reflect movements from room to room. If you’re watching the television in your downstairs den and retire to an upstairs bedroom, your smart thermostats can make sure that conditioned air moves from where you were to where you are as needed.

    Scott City Smart Thermostat Services

    We’ve been proudly serving Scott City and the surrounding communities since 1982. We offer an expansive selection of quality HVAC products, including innovative smart home thermostat models. Our smart thermostats are compatible with many of the latest and most popular smart home systems and technologies. We can hardwire your new smart home thermostat directly into your electrical system, integrate it with your other smart home features, and show you how each of its functions works.

    As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we provide homeowners with precise climate control, remote monitoring capabilities, and unbeatable energy savings. We offer transparent and competitive pricing and rock-solid satisfaction guarantees.

    To experience the benefits of owning a smart thermostat in Scott City firsthand, get in touch with Obermanns today.