How To Keep Snow Out Of Your Furnace Vent

January 10, 2021

Snow doesn’t arrive unless the weather is cold outdoors, and that means homeowners will be trying to stay warm. Obviously, they’ll be running their furnaces during snowy weather, and they won’t want to experience a malfunction. Hopefully, all the components of the furnace do their jobs properly, including the furnace vent, yet problems may arise when snow blocks it. Keeping this vent clear should be a priority for homeowners. A blocked vent could raise the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.

Clearing Out the Snow and Cleaning the Vent

If snow piles and blocks the vent, taking steps to clear out the snow right away makes sense. The longer the snow blocks the vent, the longer the hazard remains.

Clearing away any ice and snow frozen on the vent is a prudent step. However, not everyone is able to do so right away. Health reasons may prevent some people from doing the job personally. The weather could simply be too inclement, or the snow may fall late at night. Regardless, the carbon monoxide exposure risk remains. Preventive steps are recommended to help address this issue.

Repositioning the Vent

The vent might be too close to the ground, which increases the chance snow could block it. Perhaps a technician could perform the extensive work required to reposition the vent higher. While this might be costly, doing so could add another level of safety. The investment might be worth it to those worried about the dangers of a blocked vent.

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Attaching a Vent Frame

Attaching an A-frame above the vent could deflect some of the snow away from the front of it. An A-frame looks a little like a roof and doesn’t require much work to install. Even so, leaving the job to a professional seems advisable. The frame won’t do much good if it detaches due to poor workmanship from a haphazard DIY job.

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