How AC and Heating Maintenance Saves You Money

March 17, 2020

How AC and Heating Maintenance Saves You Money
As temperatures rise and plummet in Jackson, you may notice an increase in your energy bills. During chilly fall and winter weather, your heater has to work extra hard to keep your family comfortable. When temperatures spike in the spring and summer, your air conditioner can become overtaxed as it works to keep your house at an ideal temperature.

The following are four ways heating and AC maintenance service can actually save you money in the long run.

1. Reduces Cost of Repairs

Most heating and air conditioning problems develop long before you may even notice them. By scheduling ongoing HVAC maintenance, your technician will have the opportunity to identify any signs of wear or damage. Tightening components, cleaning parts and addressing minor issues before they become problematic could reduce the need for major repairs in the future.

2. Prolongs System Performance

Even if you’ve purchased a fairly new HVAC system, maintenance is required to keep your heater and air conditioner operating efficiently. When your HVAC system is functioning at its prime, all parts and components will work with each other to prevent extra strain on the unit. For that reason, semi-annual maintenance can prolong your system’s performance.

3. Reduces Energy Bills

One of the biggest advantages of scheduling ongoing heating and air conditioner maintenance is a reduction in energy bills. When heating or cooling components wear out or become dirty, they operate with less efficiency, which may result in increased energy consumption. HVAC maintenance service includes a complete tune-up of heating and cooling systems to ensure that everything is operating correctly.

4. Improves Indoor Air Quality

During heating and cooling maintenance service, a technician will check for common issues that could contribute to poor indoor air quality. This may include inspecting coils and drain pans where contaminants like mold and mildew often grow, along with changing the air filters that are responsible for capturing a variety of indoor pollutants.

Schedule Dependable Heating and AC Maintenance

One of the most practical ways to keep your energy costs down is to schedule regular heating and AC maintenance service with a professional. Contact Obermanns in Jackson today for more information. We can also assist with heating repairs, cooling repairs and installation as well as plumbing work.

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