Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner After Summer?

September 20, 2020

The summer can bring incredibly hot weather. Homeowners rely on their air conditioners to keep their houses cool. Once summer ends, running the air conditioner is no longer necessary. That means your utility bills should drop. Don’t create other expenses by neglecting care for the unit, though. One thing to consider is whether to place a cover over the exterior system.

The Air Conditioner Only Handles So Much

The construction of an exterior air conditioner is built tough. Rain, wind, and snow won’t easily degrade the system, although homeowners should keep an eye on the unit for problems. If something does seem wrong, calling a repair pro right away makes sense. Consider it sensible to take preventive maintenance steps. Placing a cover over the system once fall arrives could provide a barrier against troubles the fall season brings.

Debris Brings With it Troubles

Once the summer ends and fall arrives, leaves fall from the trees. Twigs, seeds, berries, and more may land on the ground. Don’t expect these things to remain in one place. The fall may bring windy weather, sending all that debris in the air conditioner’s direction. The debris may end up inside the air conditioner and cause problems. Contacting a repair team to perform a cleaning may be unavoidable. However, cleaning the system won’t be enough if any damage occurs.

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Unforeseen Problems for Uncovered Air Conditioners

Homeowners might not realize all the threats that their air conditioners face when left without a cover. Moisture could get inside the system, which creates rust. Corroded parts would require replacing. Hopefully, the damage won’t be so extensive the system repairs become impossible.

Rodent infestation risks exist, too. If rats get into the system, they could chew up parts, ruining them. Other rodents could enter the AC and cause havoc. A cover may reliably prevent their entry.

Select the Right-Sized Cover

The cover has to fit properly, or its performance may suffer. Gaps present a pathway for debris to enter, which undermines the purpose of putting a cover on top in the first place.

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