Obermanns is the company Cape Girardeau, MO, residents count on for their AC maintenance needs. Our goal is to provide reliable and professional service that keeps your air conditioner in top shape, makes it last longer, avoids expensive repairs, and saves you money on your energy bills. Our experienced technicians are ready to handle all of your routine maintenance needs. AC Maintenance in Cape Girardeau, MOOur thorough inspections help you discover problems before you need an expensive emergency call. When you choose us for your AC tune-up, you can sleep well at night knowing that your air conditioner will keep you cool all summer long.

    When to Schedule an AC Tune-Up

    Except when you’re adjusting the thermostat, it’s really easy to forget that your air conditioner exists. While it’s a good thing that your air conditioner keeps you cool without you having to worry about it, you don’t want to neglect your AC the same way you don’t want to neglect your car. Your AC is a hard-working machine that needs regular checks and adjustments to keep it running in peak condition.

    Each AC tune-up visit includes the following.
    • Full inspection of your system
    • Cleaning the interior and exterior units
    • Recommended repairs if needed
    • Answers to all of your questions

    Proactive AC Maintenance in Cape Girardeau

    Proactive AC Maintenance in Cape GirardeauIf you live in Cape Girardeau, you know that the Mississippi River doesn’t always provide relief from the summer heat. If your AC goes out unexpectedly, you’re in for a miserable few days while it gets fixed. That’s why we put so much emphasis on proactive maintenance. We have over 40 years of experience serving the local community and know exactly what to look for to keep you from having an air conditioning problem. Our experienced technicians use their expertise and knowledge to make those little fixes before they become an expensive repair bill. And because we rely on repeat business and referrals, you can rely on us to give you an honest opinion of what work you need now, what can wait, and what isn’t important.

    For the best results, schedule an annual AC tune-up before it starts getting hot. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

    Do you have a separate heating system? We also offer heating maintenance and can take care of all of your needs in a single visit. Just mention that you need heating maintenance as well when you schedule your appointment.

    Do you have an AC problem that needs fixing, or is it time for a new air conditioner? Contact us now to schedule an AC repair or ductless mini split repair or to learn about what new AC installation is right for your home.